Sunday, March 12, 2017

Announcement on the Asia Pacific Regional meeting in Chennai (India) on 19th & 20th May 2017

We are glad to inform all WFTU affiliates and friends in the Asia Pacific Region that it is decided, as concurred by APRO as well as the WFTU Central Office, to organize an important meeting of the Asia Pacific Region in Chennai (India) on 19th & 20th May 2017. The exact venue of the meeting will be intimated by the host to all concerned in due course, in their invitation letter to the participants.
We request all WFTU affiliates in the Region to attend this meeting being held in Chennai, India. This meeting is meant to discuss, review and strengthen the WFTU and WFTU activities in this strategic region. The Durban Congress has given several clarion calls for the world working class movement and to decide the future programs and activities internationally and nationally. This meeting, we believe, will be an important step in the right direction.
The host has agreed to meet the boarding and lodging and local transport facilities to all the participants, one from each organization and in exceptional cases to a maximum of two, during the meeting, including 3 night stays in Chennai on the 18th, 19th & 20th May, 2017. The to and fro expenses and additional stay if any will have to borne by the participants/their organizations.
The names of the participants from the countries outside India be forwarded to the host, WFTU APRO, with full details as in their passport at the very earliest, so as to send them individual invitation letter for the purpose of applying and obtaining Indian Visa. Comrade George Mavrikos, General Secretary of the WFTU will attend at the Asia Pacific Regional Meeting in Chennai.
Still feel free to contact WFTU Head Quarters/APRO in New Delhi, if you need any clarification. We will collectively make the event very successful, so as to ensure the strong WFTU in the Asia Pacific Region.

With warm greetings,

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Solidarity with comrade Taly Nayandra of the Brazilian Communist Party (PCB)

With a statement, the Brazilian Communist Party (Partido Comunista Brasileiro) strongly denounces the brutality of the Brazilian Military Police against the PCB and Communist Youth Union's member Taly Nayandra Figueira dos Santos.

An indigenous activist and militant communist, Nayandra has been a candidate for vice-mayor in the city of Manaus, in the region of Amazonas.

According to the PCB, comrade Taly Nayandra was arrested by the local Military Police on Saturday 25th of February and suffered physical and psychological torture for more than an hour. 

Nayandra was placed in a room alone and was severely beaten by police officers with punches, face slaps and kicks, while she was also psychologically battered. After all this torture, she was left alone in a street of São Raimundo neighborhood in Manaus.

The Amazonas organisation of the Brazilian Communist Party (PCB-AM) reiterates its support for comrade Taly Nayandra, expresses solidarity and repudiates the aggression that she has suffered. According to the PCB, it is evident that the reasons behind Nayandra's arrest and torture are strictly political and chauvinist. 

"Such a situation is unacceptable. We are waiting for a response from the Military Police about what happened and we will make the necessary decisions so that one more crime does not go unpunished"says the statement of the Amazonas organisation of the PCB.

Friday, March 3, 2017

No other way for peace other than the liberation of Palestine

Article by Neoklis Sylikiotis, member of the Political Bureau, AKEL MEP and GUE/NGL Vice-President
Press Statement 27th February 2017
neoklis sylikiotis pplThis year 50 years will have passed since the 1967 six-day war. 50 years of the ongoing illegal Israeli occupation of Palestine. 50 years of the flagrant violation of International Law and every human right of the Palestinian people. Despite the UN Resolution 242 calling on Israel to return the occupied territories, and to recognize the right of every state to live in peace and security, the occupation continues. The responsibility for this situation does not just lie with Israel, but also with the international community which sheds hypocritical tears and continues to keep silent in the face of the illegal Israeli actions.
During our recent visit to Palestine, as President of the European Parliament’s Delegation for relations with Palestine, together with other MEP’s, we confirmed that the situation is becoming more and more inhuman.
Settlements are being expanded. Every effort to achieve a two-state solution is being undermined.
The number of settlers in East Jerusalem and the West Bank have risen to over 750,000.
200,000 Palestinians are housed in the refugee camps located in the West Bank and in the Gaza Strip more than 350,000, who are struggling to survive in terrible conditions of insecurity, poverty and lack of food supplies, but also suffering from the recurrent cutting of the supply of electricity and water.
Furthermore, a few days ago the Israeli Knesset unfortunately proceeded to approve an unacceptable decision to retroactively legalize 4,000 homes of settlers that have been illegally built on the properties of Palestinians.
The gross violations of the human rights of Palestinians by the Israeli occupation forces are being committed on a daily basis.
The demolition of schools and houses, as well as murder and persecution have no end.
In addition, the inhumane imprisonment of Palestinians is also continuing. Currently 7,000 are imprisoned, including 750 without a trial. Among them, over 300 children who had been sentenced by the military court of Ofer.
The Israeli army systematically violates the human rights of underage Palestinians who are brought before the military court and imprisoned for daring to post online slogans for peace. As part of our mission we experienced this terrible reality and recorded the humanitarian disaster on the ground.
In the meetings we had with the Prime Minister of The State of Palestine Rami Hamdallah, Ministers of the Palestinian Authority and members of the Palestinian Legislative Council, we stressed our support towards the struggle of the Palestinian people to lift the occupation, end the colonization and achieve the two-state solution. We confirmed our support for the establishment of an independent, sovereign and viable Palestinian state within the 1967 borders, with East Jerusalem as its capital; a state that will live in peace and security alongside the State of Israel. We also stressed that it is important to maintain the possibility of the two-state solution in order for peace to prevail. Besides, this is why we are struggling so that the Palestinian state be recognized by all states and that it participates in international organizations.
In Cyprus we know very well what war, occupation, uprooting and being a refugee means, as we also know very well the importance of international solidarity for the continuation and success of our struggle for liberation. We are therefore struggling to end all wars, all foreign interventions, every occupation that violates International Law and human rights, aiming for peace and the prosperity of the peoples to prevail.
The recent adoption of the Resolution 2334 of the UN Security Council, which recognizes as illegal the settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territories and the call for an immediate end to the policy of colonization, constitutes a positive step. The message conveyed by the international Paris Conference on the Middle East that Israel must end its military occupation of Palestine was also important. After our own reaction as well towards the EU High Representative we managed to suspend the Session of the EU-Israel Association Agreement for 28th February.
However, there is still a great deal to be done. As President of the Delegation of the European Parliament for relations with Palestine, but also as the Confederal Group of the European United Left group, we will continue to fight so that the EU exerts pressure on Israel to end the colonialization, to lift the occupation and commit itself to a roadmap for Peace and a two-state solution. As a first step, we underline that the EU must proceed to freeze the Association Agreement with Israel, given that Israel is violating Article 2 of this Agreement, which specifically refers to the obligation to respect human rights.
Our struggle is not easy. However, as long as the peoples are struggling hope and a perspective exist. Peace will eventually prevail.