Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The government must end its regressions on the General Health Scheme and respect the social majority

Statement by Stefanos Stefanou, AKEL C.C. Spokesperson
AKEL C.C. Press Office, 30th May 2017, Nicosia
In view of the Ministerial Council scheduled to convene tomorrow, AKEL anticipates the government to adopt and include in the relevant legislation the provision agreed between the political parties in the House of Representatives so that it will be ensured that public hospitals receive state support for a five year term to meet the needs that might arise.
This provision is a prerequisite for the autonomy of public hospitals to proceed smoothly within the context of the implementation of the National Health Scheme.
AKEL urges the government to end the regressions and respect the social majority that has been formed, which demands that we proceed with all that has been agreed, as it had been unanimously decided since 2001 and has been reaffirmed at the two meetings held last summer at the Presidential Palace.
AKEL is rallying its forces together with the “Social Alliance” movement in the campaign to collect signatures for the implementation of the General Health Scheme without any further regressions and delays on the part of the government and ruling forces.
This is the demand of citizens. This is the demand of the times.

Friday, May 26, 2017

KPA General Staff Spokesman Hits out at S. Korean Forces' Reckless Military Provocation

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Pyongyang, May 25 (KCNA) -- The south Korean puppet forces made another armed provocation in the area along the Military Demarcation Line. A spokesman for the General Staff of the Korean People's Army gave the following answer to question raised by KCNA Thursday in this regard:

The MDL area is the most acute hotspot where huge troops of both sides constantly level their guns at each other.

At around 16:00 on May 23, watching a flock of birds flying in the sky above the forefront areas in Cholwon, Kangwon Province, the south Korean puppet forces opened warning broadcasting and fired more than 450 machine gun bullets into the DPRK side, claiming they spotted "unidentified flying objects crossing the MDL".

They, caught by mental derangement, blame "north's mine" for the suspicious explosion in the MDL area, question the "north's torpedo" for the sinking of their own warship and claim a flock of birds flying into the south as "drone from the north" and even a privy door as "wreckage of the north's drone" and thermos flask shell as "shell of multiple rocket launch system of the north".

The recent military provocation is a stopgap measure to check the war-weariness sweeping the puppet army in the face of the rapidly developing nuclear and ballistic rocket technology of the DPRK.

No mater how loudly the south Korean puppet warmongers get vociferous about the sophistical story about "southward flying of UFO", no one will believe it.

Instead, it will bring them bitter derision together with dirty disgrace as a criminal with habitual concoction of lies and misinformation.

The KPA is closely following the new confrontation hysteria of the provokers getting all the more reckless.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

WP of Korea, Foreign Ministry Spokesman Blasts U.S. and Vassal Forces for Faulting Service of DPRK Tourist Liner

Pyongyang, May 24 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the DPRK Foreign Ministry gave the following answer to a question put by KCNA on May 23 over the fact that the U.S. and its vassal forces are faulting the service of Rajin-Vladivostok international tourist liner "Mangyongbong":
The Rajin-Vladivostok international tourist liner "Mangyongbong" has recently begun its service.
Its regular operation under an agreement between the DPRK and Russia will be able to contribute to developing the bilateral cooperation in the economic field such as sea transport and tourism.
This is a normal bilateral cooperation work aimed to expand the bilateral economic relations and deepen the friendship through humanitarian exchanges and visits.
However, the U.S. running amuck to ratchet up sanctions on the DPRK faulted even the service of the liner, a normal economic cooperation undertaking between the two sovereign states, with mobilization of its vassal forces, in a bid to prevent the DPRK-Russia economic cooperation and suffocate the DPRK through tightened economic blockade.
Such action is arousing a strong backlash and rejection from Russia as it is an arbitrary practice seriously encroaching on the legal interests of not only the DPRK but also Russia.
No matter what others may say, the DPRK-Russia economic cooperation including the service of the liner will steadily develop in keeping with the desire and common interests of the two peoples.

AKEL denounces and expresses its grief for the terrorist attack in Manchester

AKEL C.C. Press Office, 23rd May 2017, Nicosia
AKEL expresses its grief and abhorrence at yesterday’s terrorist attack in Manchester, which has caused the death of 22 people, including 12 children under the age of 16, and injuring dozens of people. They were just ordinary people who were coming out of a concert.
The terrorist attack is a bloody continuation of the targeted killings of ordinary citizens that cannot be justified in any way. We denounce in the same strongest possible terms these terrorist attacks whether they are carried out in Manchester, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan, Somalia, Paris, Berlin and St. Petersburg.
The underlying causes do not stem from the ethnic and religious status of the perpetrators, but from every kind of fundamentalism that finds plenty of fertile ground in the pain, hunger, poverty and misery of millions of people; in the sufferings caused by the ongoing imperialist wars, the armed conflicts that are flourishing as a result of the militarization of international relations and the arming of terrorists to serve international interests.
AKEL expresses its sincere heartfelt condolences to the relatives and friends of the victims and to the British people in general.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Call from EMEK Party Central Executive Committee

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18 May 2017

No to ‘one man, one party dictatorship’

Let’s unite our forces and raise the struggle for a democratic constitution and a Parliament!...

Following the referendum of 16 April 2017, in which the result was controversially declared as a victory for ‘Yes’ by the YSK (Higher Election Commission), the construction of a regime of ‘one man, one party’ reached a new stage.

At least half of the population in the country rejected the attempts to “build a new regime” by President Erdo─čan, the AKP government and the forces of capital that back them; with their No votes, they countered these attempts. At this point, the palace, government and their supporters are trying to ride over the issue of legitimacy through the State of Emergency (OHAL).

This is the reason for attempts to normalise the continuation of OHAL and governing the country through emergency decrees of law (KHK). OHAL is the main instrument in their attempts to fulfil political and social attacks on workers and the public; terrorising public opposition and trying to prevent and shut it down by oppression.

Media companies are still subjected to fines and closures; opposition politicians and journalists are still subjected to custody and detentions. Oppression of labour and removal of rights such as redundancy pay and the right to job security are intensified. The pit the country is dragged into by internal and external war policies is deepening.

In this political momentum, where the political future of the country will be shaped by international developments and the power struggle between the classes, the urgent duty of public opposition is to raise the struggle for winning democratic rights and political freedoms.

To put the position to be taken in the Presidential elections of 2019 as a duty in front of the ‘No front’, in an environment where the legitimacy of 16 April referendum is discussed, will only create a climate that enable the palace, government and their supporters to bring in any ‘adjustment law’ they need on the way to the ‘one man, one party dictatorship’.

Taking these into consideration, our party calls on:

All labour, democratic and progressive forces, including political parties, labour and workers’ organisations, women’s, youth, environmental and religious groups, to unite their forces for a Constitution and a Parliament that will form the basis of a political system that secures full sovereignty of the people; Primarily, to ensure the removal of OHAL and the cancellation of the KHK’s, to prevent further political and social attacks.

The democratic solution of the Kurdish issue; freedom of faith and establishing real secularism; protection of immunity of property and individuals; freedom of speech, media and right to organise; the workers’ and public’s right to work, shelter, job security and a secure future.

Monday, May 22, 2017

President called upon to remain firm on the positions of principle of the solution and far from any experimentations

Statement by Aristos Damianou, member of the Political Bureau of the C.C. of AKEL
AKEL C.C. Press Office, 20th May 2017, Nicosia

If the negotiations were to collapse due to unacceptable Turkish positions it would be an undesirable scenario. If the negotiations were to collapse and the Greek Cypriot community viewed as being responsible owing to procedural experimentations on our part, it would be tragic.

The history of the Cyprus problem teaches that the policy of “protaxis” (Note: the policy of setting “preconditions” that predetermine the results of negotiations), whenever it has been pursued, has led to fait accompli, given that it was used as a pretext for unacceptable Turkish actions with the simultaneous exertion of pressures by the international community on the Greek Cypriot community.

In the 1980’s we had the declaration of the illegal regime in the occupied areas.

In the 1990’s the official Turkish position for confederation was put forth.

In the 2000’s, the financial taps of the European Union were opened to the benefit of the Turkish Cypriot community with direct threats for direct trade with the occupied ones.

We must exhaust every possibility for negotiation on the chapters of the internal aspect of the Cyprus problem and on the Cyprus Conference to assert freedom from the anachronistic system of guarantees and the withdrawal of the Turkish troops. Only in this way will such an international conference have prospects of being successful.

The critical moments we are going through do not permit any regressions, nor experimentations. President Anastasiades is called upon to remain firm on the positions of principle of the solution and far from experimentations on procedural matters that have been tried in the past and failed. This is the only way the Greek Cypriot side is protected, so that responsibilities can’t easily be attributed to it.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

We’ve been there and seen it all before…

Article by Yiorgos Loukaides, member of the Political Bureau of the C.C. of AKEL, AKEL Parliamentary Group Representative
“Haravgi” newspaper, 13th May 2017
Are we really following the same theatrical play as we did in 1992, 1997 and 2009, or is the accusation perhaps unfair that we are once again witnessing a new pre-election transformation and mutation by Mr. Anastasiades on the Cyprus problem?
Let developments themselves over the last few days bear witness to the truth:
President Anastasiades chose through public statements, apparently for domestic consumption reasons, to wage an attack on the UN Secretary-General’s Special Representative on Cyprus Mr. Eide in exactly the same aphoristic way that he rightfully criticized until yesterday as counterproductive and damaging. We say rightly, because we already have UN Secretary-General Mr. Guiterres’ well-known response, which, as expected, offered full support to Mr. Eide.
Instead of referring the Nazi ELAM party’s bill on the Enosis referendum, the President of the Republic chose to refer his Party’s draft bill to the Supreme Court, aware of the likelihood of repeating the interruption of the negotiations on the part of Akinci, as the latter wrongly did previously.
Mr. Anastasiades called evidently those who criticize him for his lack of consistency and steadfastness on the Cyprus problem as supporters of any solution who are ready to accept everything. That is, he called them “sell-outs”, by doing so joining the patriotic camp of Mrs. Eleni Theocharous!
In his statements, the government spokesman interpreted as an arbitration the UN’s intention to informally and unofficially sound out the sides about ideas, which if rejected by any side will be considered as null and void. This is a procedure that does not change, nor upgrade in the slightest the mandate of the UN Secretary-General and his Special Representative on Cyprus, and which a few weeks before was adopted by Foreign Minister Mr. Kasoulides himself.
The public rhetoric of the government and ruling forces, obviously, now has a confrontational content and reeks negativity, comparable to that of the so-called intermediate political formations.
As in all similar cases in the past, so now, the cost for the Cyprus problem and our country will be heavy from the apparent domination of pre-election expediencies and mutations.
However, the President of the Republic should realize that it is primarily his own responsibility to protect the interests of the Republic of Cyprus by preventing serious dangers with which our people will be confronted with. It is primarily the responsibility of Mr. Anastasiades to act effectively to prevent new, possibly painful faits accomplis in the occupied territories, on the Cyprus problem or in the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of the Republic of Cyprus; to prevent through preemptive actions from provoking tensions that could harm the Cyprus economy.
gs akel cpr
 General Secretary of the C.C. of AKEL Andros Kyprianou
That is, it must ensure that the sovereign rights of the Republic of Cyprus in the EEZ of Cyprus are exercised unhindered, as well as to ensure everything that the previous government has successfully managed to secure. Despite the adverse conditions and Ankara’s threats and aggression the previous Christofias government accomplished the historic achievement of putting Cyprus on the energy map of Europe and the world. Back then and as now, Cyprus’ political protective shield against Turkish provocations will be better and more effectively assured if our side is and will be seen as ready, until the end, for an honorable compromise on the Cyprus problem as this has been agreed over time.
Otherwise, if responsibilities are apportioned on our side after a possible collapse of the talks, the dangers we described previously will multiply, as the whole history of the talks testify. Consequently, to the extent that it will continue to act by having pre-election considerations and not the Cyprus problem as a priority, Mr. Anastasiades’ responsibilities will be grave with regards any subsequent possible negative developments for our country and people.
Finally, for the government and ruling forces to preemptively look for scapegoats among those criticizing their actions and omissions by overlooking and ignoring their own actions, is a provocation from which they are judged exclusively, not only on the domestic front, but also by third parties who are involved and closely following developments surrounding the Cyprus problem

Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Anti-fascist Victory reminds us that the strength of the peoples can defeat anyone

AKEL on the anniversary of the Anti-fascist Victory of the Peoples
AKEL C.C. Press Office, 8th May 2017, Nicosia
AKEL salutes the anniversary of the Anti-fascist Victory of the Peoples that put an end the Second World War. The Victory has a universal significance given that any prevalence of the fascist axis would have meant humanity plunged into the age of barbarity and an endless bloodshed of the globe into holocausts and concentration camps. We pay tribute to the sacrifice of millions of fallen.
We salute the veteran anti-fascist fighters in Cyprus and all over the world who made history in the battlefields. For AKEL the decision taken by the C.C. of AKEL on 16th June 1943, as a result of which hundreds of its members joined the army voluntarily and fought fascism, is a title of honour.
The Anti-fascist Victory belongs to all the forces that together forged the anti-Hitler coalition. It was, however, the Soviet Union, with tens of millions of dead and wounded, which made the biggest contribution to the Victory. It not only curbed the fascist offensive, but destroyed any possibility of Hitler’s goals being fulfilled. The Battle of Stalingrad turned the tide of the war and the hoisting of the red flag over the Reichstag marked the crushing defeat of Hitler-Fascism. This historical truth cannot be erased no matter how much is written by the hacks of modern anti-communism.
It is also a historical truth that hidden behind German Nazism, behind the ideology of fascism – in all its shades – are the most aggressive and ruthless circles of the ruling elite and establishment, namely all those forces who are seeking an ideological cover for their expansionism and through the force of violence to suppress worker’s struggles and progressive movements. This is the reason why today, at a time of economic crisis and social discontent, the system uses the reserve force of the extreme right. The growth of neo-fascist forces in Europe – like the “Golden Dawn” party, a branch of which is the Cypriot ELAM party, who include themselves among the “losers of 1945” – is shameful for the history of our country and the world. It represents a poison in the heart of European societies. AKEL stresses the need for practical resistance to fascism and all its branches. Especially in Cyprus, which is a victim of fascism, any tolerance shown to it is extremely dangerous for our country and people.
Finally, AKEL underlines that the struggle for peace and friendship among the peoples has never been timelier. The intensification of energy and geopolitical confrontations in the world, the new escalation in US-NATO imperialist aggression, the proliferation of nuclear weapons and the ongoing militarization of the European Union demonstrate that the danger of a new generalized war is coming back.
The peoples and their struggles can prevent the scenario of a war breaking out, the danger of fascism, and above all, eradicate the causes that generate war and fascism. The Anti-fascist Victory will be an eternal reminder that the strength of the peoples can defeat anyone.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Detailed Analysis of J.V. Stalin's non-existant mass murder policy and its anti-communist premise

The only source for population statistics I could find in a three-week search was in a book called "The Economic Transformation of the Soviet Union, 1913-1945."

With any detailed analysis of a nation and the population, especially with how they increase or decrease and the causes behind it, population statistics are the first most important source of information to obtain. So, let’s detail the early years of the USSR when Stalin was head of state (1924 - 1940).

The yearly death toll during this period was between 3 to 5 million. Most of these deaths were caused by disease and famine. This was because of the USSR's lack of agricultural development and poor farming methods left over from the Czarist period. The same situation existed in other agrarian nations in Africa, South America, and Asia. From 1924 to 1940 the birth rate in the USSR was between 4 to 6 million. Following these official vital statistics shows that the population of the Soviet Union grew yearly by 1 to 3 million, due to the death rate. A study done in 1929, which is mentioned in the book Red Medicine (Chap. 16) found that 3,941,021 people had life threatening diseases, the worst of which was malaria. A little under 3 million people were infected with malaria. This doesn’t even count deaths caused by assaults and other crimes, which was ruthless in agrarian societies at the time. Death by accidents, death by terrorism, etc. are also not considered here. Due to the lack of economic development in the USSR, there was a shortage of proper medicines to treat epidemics, which produced higher mortality rates. Evidence shows that these numbers downward during the years between 1924 and 1940. Mostly in late 1930's to early 1940's.

It wasn't until the 1930's when the USSR carried out its five-year plans to industrialize the country, that the death rate steadily decreased from 20.3 in 1926 to 17.5 in 1938 and to 9.7 in 1950. The birth rate also decreased in the USSR from 44.0 in 1926 to 37.5 in 1938 and to 26.7 in 1950. The decrease of birth rate was due to the industralization and development in the USSR.

As I reported previously, the USSR's population increased by 1 to 3 million yearly, keep in mind the USSR's population was under 200 million people. There were only two points in Soviet history did the population decrease. The first time was during the 1933 famine, which claimed, at most, up to 5 million lives. There were a few causes for this famine.

One of the main causes was that the Kulaks (rich peasants) who had ownership of nine tenths of the farmland in Russia. They turned them into plantations and housed farm peasants on the land, whose only job was to work the land or face homelessness and starvation. Kulaks were a class among the peasants that made themselves wealthy via slavery. The Kulaks hated the Soviets because the Bolshevik program called for collectivization of agriculture. Lenin himself called the Kulaks a bunch of exploiters who must be destroyed. However. since they just overthrew the Czar, Lenin and the Soviets was busy building the new government. And it was not until the 1930's collectivization, which was implemented to destroy the Kulaks as a class, and to turn over the farmland to the peasants who actually worked the land, that the Kulaks revolted by burning their food supply, killing their livestock, and burning their crops, which contributed to the naturally occurring famine of 1933. The sabotage and wrecking activity of the Kulaks contributed to the USSR's inability to produce enough food for the general population. Adding to the USSR’s problems was the involvement of the anarchists in the USSR at this time. The anarchists following an anarchist militia leader named Makhno, who allied his forces with the Kulaks against the USSR. This was a fight both in the Supreme Soviet and out in the country, as anarchists fought and tried to split the congress, while Makhno's militia robbed towns and shot Red Army soldiers. This violence instigated by Makhno’s forces contributed to the death toll in 1933.

The second time the population of the Soviet Union deceased was after 1941, when Nazi Germany invaded the USSR. After WWII a total of 27 million Soviet troops were killed in the war, and 13 million Soviet civilians died under Nazi occupation. Keeping in mind the fact that the population increased by 1 to 3 million yearly, and that rampant disease claimed as many as 3 or 4 million lives during the early years of the USSR, keeping in mind the fact of the famine of 1933 and the fight with the anarchists also claimed many lives, leading up to WWII, which claimed 27 million lives, there is no way Stalin could have mass murdered 60, 50 or even 30 million people, without the population showing a clear and unavoidable decrease. Even if this was the case, given all of the USSR's history, if the myths about Stalin’s role in mass terror were true, the Soviets would never be able to fight off Nazi Germany because of a lack of available soldiers and morale.

Under the scenario of professional anti-communists like Robert Conquest and Timothy Snyder of Yale University, there is no possible way that the USSR would have enough workers to become a superpower in such short time to rival the U.S. in production output. There is no scientific way to apply the claims of these professional liars! One would have to ignore all of Soviet history to make the claim that Stalin’s leadership killed millions of innocent people. Even during the USSR's involvement in WWII, from 1941 to 1945; the fact that 27 millions soldiers and 13 million civilians died, shows a clear unavoidable decrease in the USSR's population.