Monday, September 11, 2017

J.V. Stalin returns to the pedestal thanks to the peoples’ memory

On August 30 this year, An initiative group of citizens, which includes the members of the AUCPB, the RKRP, our supporters and sympathizers, repeatedly applied to the mayor's office of the city of Novosibirsk with a statement about the location of the monument to Generalissimo J.V.Stalin.
After Stalin's death, monuments erected to him were demolished, and the name and deeds of the Leader were slandered. We demand the restoration of historical justice. The erection of Stalin on a pedestal in the centre of the largest metropolis of the country will put an end to the blackout of the memory of the Leader and of all our heroic Soviet era.
Today, Stalin's authority among the people is the highest and most popular among the last decades and among other outstanding statesmen not only in Russia.
We propose to put a monument to I.V. Stalin to the 100th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution, which we celebrate in this year, 2017.
WE recall that the mayor's office refused to install the monument to J.V. Stalin in the Square of the Heroes of the Revolution.
Now we propose to put the monument in the centre of the city on the Red Avenue near the stand of the Heroes of the Great Patriotic War (on Sverdlov Square) or in the Novosibirsk Technical College. Pokryshkina (30, Stantsionnaya Street), where on 5 May the Patriot memorial and historical park was opened with busts of Zhukov, Rokossovsky and Talalikhin.
The territory of the Novosibirsk Pokryshkina Technical College as a place for the monument to Stalin was proposed by the mayor's office.
We believe that the best place is the square near the stela to the Heroes of the Great Patriotic War.

During the war in this place the Siberians gathered and went to the front.
Our new proposal should be considered by the mayor's office at a meeting of the artistic council within a month and a half.
The bust of J.V. Stalin has already been made by us (the author is a sculptor from Novosibirsk, Pavel Markov). We collected money for the monument from across the whole world. Money transfers are coming from all over Russia from Moscow and St. Petersburg (Leningrad) to Vladivostok, from Arkhangelsk to Sevastopol. To date we have collected more than 300 000 rubles.

Now we are raising funds for a granite pedestal.
A.V. Denisyuk

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  1. A useful, factual history of the Soviet era is impossible until, unless, the black legend of Stalin can be overcome.Stalin was not a god, or a devil, he was not perfect - not perfectly evil or perfect without stain..but this absurd,preposterous historical standard is only applied to him, it seems .As an American I grew up accepting without question most of the massive historical falsifications of anticommunism. Its been useful, and edifying to watch unfolding the recent anti-Russia hysteria in bourgeois media and government . Its easy to see now how it is done, and was done before. Wherever the historical truth and the final analysis of Stalin ism and the Soviet Union (prior to the corrupt revisionist Khrushchev nomeklatura) lies, I have no confidence at all in the mountain of lies and propaganda of anticommunism - all of it written by rabidly anticommunist ideologues like Robert Service and Timothy Snyder, amplifying the hateful, subjective and self serving "emigre narratives" of Nazi sympathizing Polish and Ukrainian expats,on the run from justice after WW2; Along with their offspring and the anti Russian, anti communist organizations they created in the US, Britain, and Canada, slavishly at the service of the imperialist ideal to this day .