Thursday, November 30, 2017

Vera Shlakman, Professor Fired During Red Scare, Dies at 108

Vera Shlakman speaking with New York City Comptroller Harrison J. Goldin, left, in April 1982 after she and others received restitution from the city for being fired from college teaching positions because they had refused to testify in the 1950s about whether they were members of the Communist Party. With her, from right, were fellow recipients Oscar Shaftel, Dudley Straus and Bernard F. Riess. CreditNeal Boenzi/The New York Times

Vera Shlakman, an influential economics professor who was fired by
Queens College after she refused to tell Senate investigators whether
she had ever been a card-carrying Communist — a punishment that
brought an apology three decades later — died on Nov. 5 at her home
 in Manhattan. She was 108.

Her death, which was not widely reported at the time, was confirmed
by her friend Ellen J. Holahan.

Dr. Shlakman was the last survivor among more than a dozen teachers
 at New York City’s public colleges who were ousted by the Board of
Higher Education during the early stages of the Red Scare wrought by
 Senators Pat McCarran and Joseph R. McCarthy.

A 42-year-old assistant professor when she was fired in 1952,
Dr. Shlakman neither taught economics again nor wrote a sequel
to her groundbreaking 1935 book on female factory workers.

Thirty years later, 10 of the fired professors, including Dr. Shlakman,
were indemnified with pension settlements after receiving an apology
from college officials.

“They were dismissed during and in the spirit of the shameful era of
McCarthyism, during which the freedoms traditionally associated
with academic institutions were quashed,” the trustees of the City
University of New York declared in a resolution adopted unanimously
in 1980. The trustees had succeeded the Board of Higher Education.
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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

The KKE demands the end of the persecutions against the Communist Party of Poland

On November 27th, a delegation of the KKE, headed by Kostas Papadakis, member of the CC and MEP of the party, held a protest at the Embassy of Poland in Athens regarding the persecutions against cadres and members of the Communist Party of Poland

In the meeting that took place, the following protest note was presented:

To the Government of Poland
To the Embassy of Poland
Dear Sirs,
The trial against the CP of Poland and its cadres is being repeated on Monday 27th November, a trial which continues for more than 2 years with the accusation of “propaganda of communist ideology” by the newspaper “Brzask” and the website of the CP of Poland. The cadres of the CP of Poland are threatened with 2 year imprisonment.
The Communist Party of Greece condemns and denounces these anticommunist measures and persecutions, every kind of banning at the expense of communists as the trials against them, the banning of communist symbols and the propagation of communist ideas. This unacceptable persecution cannot be legitimized due to the support of the reactionary European Union or due to the fact that similar persecutions are being promoted in other EU-countries.
The prohibitions, the measures that restrict the activity of the communists go hand in hand with the anti-labour measures and the assault against the rights and the achievements of the working class.  
They are part of the propaganda about “totalitarian regimes” which fosters the provocative and anti-historical equation of the fascist monstrosity, which is bred by the capitalist system, with communism.
At the same time, it is provocative to honor Nazi collaborators and their political descendants.
The history was written by the peoples. It is not possible to rewrite it.

The Communist Party of Greece:
-condemns the anti-labour, anti-people and anti-democratic actions of the Polish government.
-it demands the immediate revocation of the persecutions against the Communist Party of Poland, its members and its cadres.
 -it expresses its solidarity with the communists and the class oriented movement of Poland!
Anticommunism and the repression of the labour movement, the suppression of historical truth which was written with the blood of the peoples will not succeed! Hands off the communists!

Contribution of the KKE at the 19th International Meeting of Communist and Workers’ Parties in Leningrad

Dedicated to the 100th Anniversary of the October Socialist Revolution. Dimitris Koutsoumbas General Secretary of the CC of the KKE

Dear comrades, representatives
of the Communist and Workers Parties:

We are particularly moved to be here in Leningrad, at the meeting being hosted by the CP of the Russian Federation, precisely 100 years after the Great Socialist October Revolution.

We continue to call Petrograd, Leningrad, the name that it took in honour of the leader of the world historically important revolution that changed the fortune and course of humanity, inaugurating the beginning of the end of capitalist barbarity  and the dawn of a new society; the name of the founder of the young workers’ state, the first socialist democracy known to mankind, irrespective of the fact that this course was interrupted in 1991, after tragic mistakes and weaknesses that allowed the restoration of capitalism.

We are firmly convinced that the earth will become red in any case, red with life and creativity and that the red flag will be raised again in Leningrad, in Moscow, all over Russia and the countries of the former Soviet Union, in Europe, in Asia, in America, in Africa, in Oceania, all over the world.
The KKE feels particular pride, because on the first day when the red flag was being brought down from the Kremlin, it had the courage to declare in Rizospastis  “Comrades, hold the flag high! Hope lies in the struggle of the peoples!”

Dear comrades,

The study of history, the class struggle itself confirms a general fundamental conclusion: the struggle for power is objective when the class that is in power, in the specific historical context, represents a historically obsolete socio-economic formation, while the class that can assert power is the motor force of the new, higher socio-economic formation.
History has demonstrated that in class societies the class conflicts are always violent, precisely because the very concept and the essence of power and the struggle for it entail imposition, violence. The radical changes in terms of the character of power only come about through revolutions, i.e. the movement of masses, under the leadership of the emerging class in each phase and guided by its political party, its political representatives. Such were all the bourgeois revolutions and subsequently the proletarian ones, while before the bourgeois revolutions, the radical changes were also brought about by wars, with the invasion and military superiority of peoples-tribes that possessed more developed means of production.

In the struggle for power, as well as during the development and prevalence of the new social relations, progress is not linear and upward, but there are several zigzags, leaps and setbacks.

Dear comrades,

Being fully aware of all the above, at the same time we must not forget the greatest lesson of the October Revolution:

the emerging force, the working class, with its revolutionary movement can play the leading role in the cause of social progress, in the transition from the old mode of production and organization of society to the new communist one.

And this is what happened in October in Russia. In a very short period of time, centuries of backwardness and pre-capitalist vestiges were swept away. The achievements in Soviet Russia and later in the USSR were attained in conditions of imperialist interventions, permanent threats by the imperialist centres, the undermining of production.
There is no way they can convince us that the course of the populations in the endless expanse of the Tsarist empire, their general political level would be as it is today without the victory of the October Socialist Revolution, without the beginning of socialist construction. The same is true for the other countries of socialist construction in Europe, Asia and America.

The achievements of socialism in the USSR, even if they later suffered a catastrophic setback, cannot be compared to the current situation of the working class in capitalism. Likewise,  we cannot compare the level of capitalism of the 21st, 20th and even 19th centuries with what was provided by the newly emerging capitalist relations in the 14th century in the urban centres of Italy.

The experience of socialist construction indicates the trend for the rapid development of society as a whole, the amazing increase of the level of social prosperity. However, it cannot show us what it would really be like today, when science, knowledge, labour potential and productivity have objectively reached even higher levels. In general, the bourgeois criticism of the history of the USSR conceals that it constituted the first historical steps of the immature level of communist society.

This what the younger generations should be aware of, in particular the youth of our countries, so that they do not easily fall into the trap of the deliberate distortion that is promoted with a “scientific” camouflage. Of course the various historical researches who serve capitalism today know that the upsurge of the labour movement all over the world had a solid basis, namely the impact that the achievements of the Soviet Union have had for decades.

However, We, the communists know that we have the duty not to conceal the weaknesses of our movement, but openly criticize them in order to get rid of them once and for all. For that reason, at our meetings there is no room for verbalisms, big words and mere applause. Our meetings should focus on the essential presentation of views that will contribute to the correct assessment of the past as well as to the clear definition of the present in order to be able to make a leap into the future.

For that reason, the experience from October Revolution is inexhaustible and above all timely. This is the basis on which the communists from all over the world should rely on, enriched with the experience from the other socialist revolutions that followed within a strictly defined historical context.

The victory of socialism –as a first immature phase of communism- against capitalism has demonstrated that the working class, as the only truly revolutionary class, has the historical duty to complete its basic tasks:

 To overthrow, smash the exploiters i.e. the bourgeois class which is their main economic and political representative; to beat their resistance and thwart their attempts to reinstate the yoke of capital, wage slavery.

 To attract and lead under the revolutionary vanguard of the Communist party, not only the industrial proletariat, either as a whole or its vast majority, but the entire mass of the working people and the people exploited by capital and monopolies; to enlighten them, organize and educate them through the process of a tough battle and class conflict against the exploiters.

 At the same time, it must eliminate and render harmless the inevitable wavering between the bourgeois class and the proletariat, between the bourgeois power and the working class power, that the middle strata, the small-proprietors in agriculture, trade, crafts and other services of various scientific fields will manifest, as well as by state employees, all of which represent numerous sections in all capitalist countries.

 the success of the victory against capitalism requires a proper relationship between the party that leads the revolutionary change, the Communist Party, and the revolutionary class, the working class, as well as with the working masses and the exploited people as a whole. Only the Communist Party can lead the masses in the most decisive struggle against capitalism, imperialism, provided that its members are committed communists, steeled and educated by their participation in the class revolutionary struggle, and provided that it manages to become part of the life of the working class and consequently the exploited masses as a whole and it gains the trust of the working class and the people. 

 Only the guidance of this Party enables the proletariat to release the power of its revolutionary assault, to eliminate the resistance of the labour aristocracy, which is bought off by the bourgeoisie,  as well as of the corrupt and compromised reformist, opportunist trade unionists and achieve the victory. Only the workers and the other popular strata who are liberated from capitalist slavery can develop at the utmost their initiatives and activities through their new institutions which emerge from the revolutionary process, as they were organized for the first time in history in the working class power in the soviets in Russia. Only in that way can they achieve the participation in government , which they are deprived of during the bourgeois power, despite the illusions fostered regarding their participation. The working class, participating in the organs of state power from the bottom up, is actually learning through its own experience how to build socialism, how to develop a new voluntary social discipline. It forms, for the first time in history, a union of free people, a union of workers in a new society, in a society without the exploitation of man by man.

 The conquest of political power by the proletariat does not entail the end of class struggle against the bourgeois class.  On the contrary, it renders this struggle “extremely broad, sharpened, relentless” as Lenin noted. In this framework we should pay particular attention on the following assessment which all of us have confirmed in practice: any inconsistency or generally any ideological-political weakness in revealing the revisionist, opportunist, reformist forces may significantly increase the danger of the overthrow of  working class power by the bourgeois class that will utilize these forces for the counterrevolution as has happened many times in history. 

 In order for our course to be truly victorious all CPs must elaborate a revolutionary strategy in their countries and this attempt must embrace the international communist movement. The experience of the Bolsheviks in this direction, enriched with the experience from all socialist revolutions, with the experience of the revolutionary movement in each respective country must serve as a beacon in this process. The fact that this experience was not assimilated and did not prevail thereafter and that the character of the revolution was determined on the basis of other mistaken criteria requires our serious reflection.

 Today, in conditions of a general setback, of a negative correlation of forces at an international level and in each region separately, each communist party has the duty to intensify the preparation of the working class, on a daily basis with hard  ideological-political work and class oriented activity for the revolutionary upsurge to come. Because, our era continues to be an era of transition from capitalism to socialism. The era of capitalism’s overthrow was inaugurated by the October Revolution 1917 that paved the way and marked the beginning of socialist revolutions. For that reason, we consider timely the words of Lenin  that the start was made and the proletarians of which nation will complete this process is not important.  For that reason, we do not fall back, we do not retreat; we are deeply convinced that we have to carry through this task.

Dear comrades,

The 100th anniversary of the October Revolution finds the International Communist Movement, as a whole, deeply divided,  faced with enormous difficulties, in a relatively perplexed situation, despite the partial positive steps made in separate countries with the undeniable effort of many vanguard leaderships and entire party organizations in various country.

The unity of the International Communist Movement in the 21st century must be based on certain essential indisputable principles.

 Our theory is Marxism-Leninism and proletarian internationalism. The role of the Communist Party is irreplaceable. Socialism is more timely and necessary that it has ever been in the history of humanity. The timeliness and necessity of socialism, the socialist character of the revolution do not depend on the correlation of forces at each time.
The bourgeois class has lost its progressive role even before the revolution of 1917. It finds itself in the era of reaction, of monopoly capitalism, namely imperialism; capitalism in its last stage that is in decay. As the experience from October Revolution has shown, there is no room for any cooperation-alliance with the bourgeois class or any sections of it in the name of defending bourgeois democracy or avoiding any “pro-war powers”. The bourgeoisie and the bourgeois power, as a whole, undermine and suppress workers’ and people’s rights, achievements. In their “peaceful conditions” they prepare wars. Τhe consolidation of the anti-capitalist-anti-monopoly struggle, of the struggle for socialism requires  the alliance of the working class with the poor farmers and the self-employed craftsmen.

 Our answer to the question “reform or revolution” is revolution because no organ of bourgeois power can be humanized. The line of social democracy since the beginning of the previous century until today has completely failed, it has caused great damage, it led to the defeat of the revolutionary communist movement, it assimilated working masses in the capitalist exploitative system, it led militant, progressive forces in favour of social development to be disarmed. 

 The socialist construction as a first immature phase of the communist society highlighted the scientific laws that the revolutionary vanguard must be aware of and not violate so as to eradicate consciously and methodically the seeds of counterrevolution. More specifically, the theory and practical implementation of “market socialism” is disastrous for  socialist construction, whether it is used to justify the toleration of capitalist relations or the long term support of the small commodity production or the long-term distribution of the social product in the form of trade. In these three instances, in each one separately and altogether, central planning is undermined as well the socialist character of the ownership over the means of production. As a result, the class state power is undermined and the counterrevolutionary forces are being recreated, developed and strengthened. Thus, instead of the victory of communism we return to capitalism as it finally happened with the developments of 1991 being the milestone of this process.

 The forms and the modes of this setback are not that important. In the USSR this happened gradually through the opportunist sliding that started in 1956 and broke out violently in 1991 with the final dissolution of the USSR and the CPSU and the ascending of new capitalist forces to power that exercised state power in the form of bourgeois parliamentary democracy. Elsewhere, this may happen gradually, with the CP maintaining state power and following a clear course of capitalist restoration and consolidation of the capitalist relations of production. The capitalist relations are bound to take the upper hand, even in cases where they have not prevailed yet, no matter if this course is presented as or is honestly considered to be a temporary solution. The result will be a new wave of confusion and disillusionment among the working masses and the people. This line is the beginning of the end of our perspective. Historical experience has demonstrated that the problems that arose in the course of socialist construction were mistakenly interpreted as inherent weaknesses of central planning. The solution was sought in the expansion of market, which was a step backwards, instead of making a step forward expanding and strengthening the communist relations of production.

 Today, in the 21st century, capitalism in its imperialist stage prevails at international level. The socialist relations – remnants of the socialist past – that survive in some countries, exist only to remind us that they are the swansong of the first attempt of socialist construction that began in 1917 and continued in several countries during the 20th century. In the final analysis, it is not possible for two kinds of production relations to coexist for a long time with various forms in the framework of a new superior social system like socialism-communism i.e. the exploitative capitalist relations and the ones that lead to their abolition, the socialist ones. The one or the other kind shall prevail. Our worldview and the historical experience have proven that their coexistence can only serve as a vehicle for counterrevolution.
 In the framework of this complicated situation inter-imperialist competition is sharpening  as well as the great contradictions over the division of the markets, the control of the energy resources and their transport routes, the geopolitical control and the upgrading of each country in the region and generally. New alliances and blocks are being created that lead to the creation of axes and anti-axes, increasing the danger of involvement in wars, at local and regional level, as well as the possibility of a generalized imperialist war. In any case, it is certain that the regional confrontations and wars will continue as well as the involvement of stronger regional powers and imperialist centers by means of direct military involvement or through diplomatic, political  means, economic war etc.

 In this confrontation the international communist movement and each communist party separately cannot stand in puzzlement. It must elaborate its own line for the struggle in each country, in each continent and internationally: a line for the overthrow of the imperialist barbarity that breeds economic crises, poverty, unemployment and wars or “peace” with the gun to the people’s head. For that reason, it is essential to study historical experience, to consciously reject mistaken positions of previous decades that led the revolutionary forces to political disarmament, perplexity and ineffectiveness. Every communist party must elaborate a line for the disengagement of their countries and their people from imperialist interventions and wars, defending the sovereign rights of each country; a line which will lead to the defeat of the bourgeois class which is attacking, and simultaneously a line of rupture with the domestic bourgeois class, aiming at its overthrow that will bring about real peace and prosperity for people and not the return to the previous situation that will prepare new crises, military interventions and wars in the name of the national interest . At the same time, it is necessary to elaborate and promote suitable slogans that will facilitate and escalate the  people’s struggle and prepare these forces so that in conditions of revolutionary situation they will direct the working and popular masses that are in revolt to a successful overthrow of the capitalist power and to take power into their hands.

 This dynamic will not emerge like an oasis, merely in one country. In this discussion about what is to be done, which is taking place today in the squares, at our demonstrations, at strikes, in cities and villages, in factories and work places in general,  in universities and schools , in all over the world, the bourgeois class and the opportunists pose the dilemma “how can we do it ourselves? It is not realistic!”.

 Only the communist movement, the communists that believe in the visions and the struggle of the October Revolution, in Marxism-Leninism can put them in their place, refute defeatism and fatalism.

 Our weapon is proletarian internationalism, our joint struggle, our class and comradely solidarity which is necessary against national isolationism and imperialist cosmopolitanism. The principle of proletarian internationalism is also a significant message for the 100th anniversary of the Great October Revolution. Without the practical expression of the people’s internationalism towards the Revolution and the young Soviet Union the victory might not have been possible.

This is a valuable conclusion and lesson.

Dear comrades,

The KKE, as other Communist Parties, was born and developed under the impact of the Socialist October Revolution. In 2018 it will celebrate 100 years of heroic life and activity. It focuses its attention on its internationalist duties and as is known, it has applied to host the next IMCWP in Athens, the city where our International Meetings started from.


Hold high the red flag
of socialism-communism!

Hold high the flag
of Marxism-Leninism!

Regional Meeting of Communist and Workers’ Parties at the initiative of the KKE

On October 26, 2017, at the initiative of the KKE, took place the Meeting of  Communist and Workers’ parties of the Mediterranean, the Middle East and the Gulf on the topic “The Communist and Workers’ parties firmly at the side of the just struggle of the Palestinian people, in the struggle against imperialist war and capitalist exploitation”.
In the regional meeting that was held in the headquarters of the Central Committee of the KKE took part representatives from the following parties: Egyptian Communist Party, Algerian Party for Democracy and Socialism, Revolutionary Communist Party of France, Communist Party of Greece, Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain, Tudeh Party (Iran),Communist Party of Israel, Communist Party (Italy), AKEL (Cyprus), Lebanese Communist Party, Palestinian Communist Party, Palestinian People’s Party, Syrian Communist Party, Communist Party of Turkey.
The General Secretary of the Central Committee of the KKE, Dimitris Koutsoumpas, delivered the introductory speech.
Dear Comrades,

It is our pleasure to welcome you to Athens and thank you for your response to the invitation of the KKE and your participation in the meeting of the Communist and Workers’ Parties of the Mediterranean, Middle East and Gulf region.

We all circulate in a common geographical area with common geostrategic elements, so today we can collectively look at the situation in our region, plan our action on the side of the just struggle of the Palestinian people and take the necessary measures to fight against imperialist wars and capitalist exploitation, as is referred to in the meeting topic for today. 

The KKE stands by the working class of the countries of our region, expresses its international solidarity and supports the struggle of the peoples against capitalist barbarism, the attack by capital and its political representatives.

We fight against the longstanding occupation and criminal stance of the Israeli state against the Palestinian people that has left thousands dead or maimed, thousands displaced or imprisoned, and scores of children murdered.

Israeli aggression expresses the aims of Israeli capital for regional control, supported by the United States and NATO, but also by powerful European capitalist countries and bourgeois governments that covertly or openly incriminate the struggle of the Palestinian people, characterize it as terrorist, while subordinate opportunist forces sit on the fence, hypocritically equating the perpetrator with its victims.

The course of the Palestinian problem reveals that the agreements that have been signed, such as those of Oslo in 1993, Camp David, 2000 or Annapolis in 2007, are unfair; they bear the stamp of imperialist interventions, of pressures akin to someone putting a gun to your head; they perpetuate the occupation and suffering of the people of Palestine.

The agonizing blockade of the Gaza Strip continues, the occupation settlements on the West Bank and Jerusalem are spreading further, the "wall of shame" continues to be maintained to consolidate the occupation map.

The Palestinian people have the right to live in their homeland, to control and determine their own fate, without exploiters and tyrants.  

We continue our struggle and demand: An independent, sovereign and viable Palestinian state based on the 1967 borders, with East Jerusalem as its capital.

Withdrawal of the Israeli army from all the occupied territories of 1967, including the Golan Heights and the Sabah District of Southern Lebanon.

A halt to all settlements and the withdrawal of settlers located beyond the 1967 borders; the release of all political prisoners and the return of refugees.

The internationalist stance of the KKE is consistently expressed within our country against the bourgeois class and its parties. From this standpoint, our party has denounced the SYRIZA-ANEL government, which in practice is implementing military and political-economic collaboration with Israel, and it condemns the policies of the European Union that seeks to improve its relations with the Israeli state.

The Greek government is responsible for the involvement of Greek military units in dozens of exercises with Israel, among them one of the largest international exercises held in this state under the name Blue Flag 2017 early this November.

Our party demands that the Greek government cancel its political-military agreements with Israel and immediately recognize the Palestinian state on the basis of the decision of the Greek Parliament in December 2015.

The KKE has stood and stands by the Cypriot people against the Turkish occupation that has been perpetuated for 43 years under the responsibility of the United States, Britain and other powerful capitalist states.

The Greek Communists condemned the Annan Plan to partition Cyprus in 2004, which afterwards was rejected by the Cypriot people in a referendum and we condemn every partition plan leading to two states.

Power lies in the organization of the popular struggle and the coordination of the action of the workers of Cyprus, Greece, Turkey, the workers of our region against imperialist plans and interventions, reinforcing internationalist action against nationalism which poisons the peoples.

We support the solution for an independent sovereign Cyprus, with one citizenship, an international personality; that is, a state - without occupying troops, foreign military forces and bases, without guarantors and patrons, a common homeland for Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots, Maronites, Armenians and Latins, with a sovereign people. 

The KKE expresses its internationalist solidarity with the Syrian people undergoing the ordeal of war with hundreds of thousands of people dead and wounded, with countless homeless refugees, victims of imperialist intervention and criminal gangs like the Islamic State type, organized, trained and equipped by the US and its allies, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, etc.

Our party has condemned from the very beginning, since 2011, imperialist intervention and has exposed the US, NATO and EU aims to promote the so-called New Middle East project, the change of borders and reshaping of territories to promote the interests of US and European monopolies, the control of energy resources in the region, in competition with Russia and China, more generally within the framework of intra-imperialist contradictions.

The struggle of the Syrian people is harsh, and today, when the criminal organization ISIS is in a trajectory of defeat and retreat, there is no room for complacency. We are opposed to the plans that include "security zones" and the partitioning of the country and we stress, once again, that developments in Syria and other countries are a matter for their peoples who have the right and the duty to defend their own interests and make the choice that supports this, with the leading role of the working class and the Communist parties.

Today, it is even more obvious to the peoples that the imperialist wars of recent times in our region and in other parts of the globe have been carried out with carefully-constructed pretenses used by the US, NATO and the EU to promote their positions. This applies to the dismemberment of Yugoslavia and the NATO attack in 1999, to the war in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria, for all cases of intervention and wars.

We are concerned about the aggressiveness of the Turkish ruling class in the Aegean and the Eastern Mediterranean, the controversy over the Greek borders, the Treaty of Lausanne by President Erdogan himself.

We oppose the plans promoted by the ruling classes of Greece and Turkey with the common denominator being the exploitation of the workers, and we note that interstate relations are at the service of the interests of the monopolies of the two countries which, among other things, are members of NATO and participate in the implementation of its strategy.

Under these circumstances, we attach great importance to the cultivation of the friendship of the two peoples through the valuable effort of the joint action of the Communist Party of Greece and the Communist Party of Turkey that together have achieved a high level of cooperation.

We are carefully studying the developments in the Gulf and we consider dangerous the threats of the US and President Trump against Iran concerning the US position to abandon the agreement reached in July 2015 on Iran's nuclear program.

Our party has opposed Saudi Arabia's intervention in Yemen within the framework of its competition with Iran, and we are concerned about recent developments in Lebanon that indicates a plan of interference in domestic affairs on the part of Saudi Arabia which will have dangerous consequences.

Dear Comrades,

The above developments confirm that our region has a special, strategic position in imperialist designs because it has significant energy resources and is a transit hub for oil and gas pipelines, an area with critical maritime and land transport channels and is of great military importance.

On this basis, intra-imperialist rivalries, the rivalries of the ruling classes for control of the region, control of the markets and of the natural resources are sharpening and this is reflected in the situation in the Middle East, North Africa, the Mediterranean, the Red Sea and the Gulf, but also in the Balkans, Ukraine, more generally in Central and Eastern Europe, where competition between NATO and Russia has elevated dramatically.

We are studying and analyzing these developments globally in connection to developments in Asia, the Pacific, the competition between the US and China and we believe that there are real dangers for igniting and spreading the flames of war in the Korean Peninsula.

Dear Comrades,

Communists estimate NATO's dangerous character as the armed hand of Euro-Atlantic imperialism, and this mechanism of war is spreading to all sections of the globe.

NATO command in February 2016, and with the responsibility of the SYRIZA-ANEL government, decided to send warships to the Aegean in the name of controlling migratory and refugee flows, but this is just the pretext.

The truth is that the presence of the Standing NATO Naval force in the Aegean Sea, which cooperates with the naval force of the EU under the name "SOPHIA", as well as the NATO-led "security mission" in the Eastern Mediterranean, called Sea Guardian that Greek, Turkish, Italian and Spanish warships participate in, are part of a more general NATO and EU military mobilization in confrontation with Russia, forming the background for military operations in Syria, Iraq and Libya within the framework of Euro-Atlantic aims in the region.

The KKE denounced the SYRIZA-ANEL government and exposed the real reasons for the NATO presence in our region and our struggle against NATO must continue even more decisively, to take on a more mass character.

The same applies for the EU, which not only has never been an innocent ‘dove of peace’, but 22 of the 29 members of the European predatory alliance are members of NATO. The two imperialist organizations are working closely against the peoples, while the EU has formed its own Security and Defense Policy, is being militarized and is becoming more reactionary. It has forces participating in 17 missions abroad.

The KKE has informed the Communist and Workers Movement internationally and has exposed the myths spread abroad by the so-called "left" government of SYRIZA with the nationalist party ANEL. In practice, it has been shown that this government is continuing the anti-people policy of the previous ND and PASOK governments, has imposed harsh memoranda and measures on the working people, and condemns the working class, the popular strata to high unemployment, deep poverty.

The SYRIZA-ANEL government, which is doing the dirty work on behalf of capital, is particularly distinguished by the involvement of our country in imperialist plans, wars and interventions, and recently in November with the visit of Prime Minister Tsipras to the US and his meeting with President Trump. This government has carried out a "political striptease", as the KKE has characteristically noted.

Tsipras pledged to upgrade the military base of Souda in Crete, which has fulfilled and continues to fulfill a special mission to promote US and NATO designs in our region against the peoples.

He greeted the fact that Greece allocates 2% of its GDP, many billions of euros, for equipment that in no way concerns the country's defense but NATO's military plans.

He welcomed billion-dollar deals - a gift to the American war industry, featuring the F-16 aircraft.

The Greek Prime Minister attempted to whitewash the crimes of American imperialism against the sentiments and will of our people and gave assurances that Greece is a "useful ally" for the US, a strategic pillar for the entry of American monopolies in the region, with priority being given to energy projects.

Both the Greek government and the other bourgeois governments of the states of the region develop their policies based on the doctrine of geostrategic advancement, and it is clear that this doctrine serves the interests of the monopolies; it involves our countries even more in the imperialist rivalries.

Dear Comrades,

We estimate with great responsibility that in every region, even in those that have not experienced ‘hotspots’ of war, massive firepower and modern weapons have been amassed; nuclear arsenals are on standby, and this situation means that communists are confronted with very serious duties.
• To lead in the fight against imperialist wars and interventions and open a powerful front against border changes.
• To coordinate our struggle against NATO and the EU, against any imperialist alliance, to demand the removal of foreign military bases from the territories of our countries and the return of military forces to our countries from missions abroad.
• To strengthen the struggle for the elimination of nuclear weapons.
• To take solidarity initiatives for refugees and immigrants.
We can exchange thoughts and improve our coordination by setting up a joint action plan for the above issues in the upcoming period.
The Communists' stance towards imperialist wars is critical. The causes of wars, intra-imperialist contradictions and antagonisms highlight the criminal nature of capitalism that has rotted in its imperialist stage that intensifies the exploitation of the working class and accentuates the opposition of labor-capital, generates imperialist wars, crises, poverty and refugees.

The struggle for the defense of borders, sovereign rights, from the point of view of the working class and the popular strata, is inseparable from the struggle to overthrow the power of capital.

The decisions of the 19th Congress that were ratified by our Party, and its program state that:

"In any case, whatever the form of Greece's participation in an imperialist war, the KKE must be ready to lead the independent organization of labor-popular resistance so that it is linked to the struggle for the defeat of the ruling class, both  the domestic one,  and  the foreign one as an invader..."

We live in a very complex and demanding environment. Everyday a multi-layered bourgeois mechanism and all sorts of reactionary forces use all means available to divide the working class, based on religion, national, color and gender criteria, and thus, our duties are very important.

Our response must be decisive. Without any wavering, we must struggle on a daily basis for the class unity of the working class and its alliance with the popular strata in order to create the conditions to strengthen the anti-monopoly, anti-capitalist struggle.

Communists serve principled values and have a duty to lead the political-ideological struggle to uncover the aims and means the ruling class uses to manipulate the peoples.

The bourgeoisie proclaims its own interests as all-encompassing for the integration of the peoples into its own aspirations. The Communists have to expose this myth and to highlight the class character of the developments, to cultivate class criteria for the workers, and to show that under no circumstance can the opposing interests of the two opposing classes be integrated.

And this, dear comrades, also concerns the issues of self-determination and related referendums, for example, in Catalonia, Iraq, Kurdistan, or even the movement taking place in Northern Italy.

The KKE condemns the suppression of workers and the policy that strengthens nationalist, divisive logic.

We are very concerned and we estimate that these developments pose problems of border change, of partitioning of states, of opening up dangerous courses of action.

We note that class contradictions, class exploitation and oppression are, and will remain, the hallmark of developments, whether for example in Spain in its present form or in an autonomous or independent Catalonia, as long as the power of capital remains intact.

The strengthening of the anti-capitalist struggle, the struggle for socialism is the only path that corresponds to the interests of the workers and addresses the policies that divide the peoples. Only socialism can ensure the satisfaction of people's needs and resolve problems of respect for national, historical, cultural traditions.

Dear Comrades.
There are other issues that we need to pay attention to:

Much work and decisive intervention is needed to prevent the manipulation of workers being attempted through capitalist fervor over the energy resources in our region, showing the people that the exploitation of energy resources by monopolies not only offers nothing to the workers, but as experience has shown, the battle over the oil, and gas pipelines leads to conflicts, even to wars where the victims are the peoples.

The same applies to the alliances being formed in our region that are promoted by the bourgeois governments, the alliance for example between Greece - Cyprus - Israel or Egypt serving the plans and interests of the bourgeois classes.

The claims that these alliances are "security and prosperity pillars," as Israeli Minister of Defense, Mr. Lieberman, recently stated in Athens, have nothing to do with reality, and the Communists have the ideological strength to fight against all these efforts to entrap the people.

Our focus is on the cooperation and political struggle of the Communist and Workers’ parties, the cooperation of the working class, of the peoples in the struggle against the real adversary, the power of capital.

The monopolies, states, and governments that promote their interests can maneuver, pretending to be friends of the people’s, but their purpose and geo-strategic aspirations do not change; their motive is capitalist profit, and it is on this base that all kinds of bourgeois alliances, the interventions of capitalist states and imperialist unions are consolidated.

The effort of the Communist movement to exploit every opportunity for the weakening of the class opponent is made on the basis of principles, putting emphasis on strengthening the workers’, people’s independent struggle, the people not becoming a part of the intra-imperialist rivalries, not taking the side of the bourgeois of their own country and being dragged behind the strong capitalist states and imperialist alliances.

Dear Comrades,

We honor the 100th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution, this momentous event that shook the world. We defend the achievements of Socialism, the achievements of the Soviet Union and its contribution to the struggle of the peoples. We learn from mistakes, omissions and deviations from the laws of socialist construction that led to the overthrow of Socialism, the   painful capitalist restoration.

The counter-revolution and the difficulties that accompany it do not shake us, the revolutionary struggle continues, our era is a period of transition from capitalism to socialism. The rotting of the exploitative system and its insurmountable contradictions emphasize that socialism is even more necessary and timely.

Comrades, we are glad that we can share these thoughts with you in today's discussion and in the evening we welcome you, together with thousands of comrades, with our young comrades of the Communist Youth of Greece, to the central political event of our party.

Thank you very much.