Wednesday, February 14, 2018

February 16: Day of the Shining Star

Pyongyang, Febuaary 14, 2018

TOAll National and International Trade Unions Organizations

Dear comrades and friends,
February 16 is the Day of Shining Star, birthday(February 16, 1942) of our great leader Comrade Kim Jong Il. On this occasion we look back with warm hearts to his sacred revolutionary life and immortal achievements for powerful prosperity of the country and happiness of people.
Great leader Comrade Kim Jong Il is outstanding ideotheoretician who has created the guiding idea of the era of independence and made it glorious. With his ideological activities, he has systemized the Juche Idea comprehensively, developed and enriched the Juche idea, the Songun (Army-First) idea and thus, made it shine brightly as perfect guiding idea of the era of independence.
Great leader Comrade Kim Jong Il is a prominent politician, a genius of creation and construction, who, with his enormous revolutionary practice, has made ever-lasting achievements for the country, the revolution, the era and the history.
In the end of the 20th century where was the grimmest struggle the human history has ever recorded, Comrade Kim Jong Il clarified the scientific accuracy and truth of socialism and the inevitability of its victory through his energetic ideological and theoretical activities, dealing a resolute counterattack to the imperialists manoeuvres against socialism. He published a series of works including The Historical Lesson in Building Socialism and the General Line of Our Party, Abuses of Socialism Are Intolerable and Socialism Is a Science so as to lay bare the absurdity of the slanders and abuses of the imperialists.
Comrade Kim Jong Il has wisely led the Workers Party of Korea of a long time to develop it into a powerful, invincible political party.
Comrade Kim Jong Il has turned our country into a strong socialist state where the leader, the party and the masses of people are united single-mindedly and which boasts of its unrivaled defence capabilities with the nuclear forces as their core and of its solid national economy.
Great leader Comrade Kim Jong Il is a brilliant military strategist and an iron-willed commander who has led the Korean revolution along an ever-victorious course.
Comrade Kim Jong Il is the salvation star for national reunification and an outstanding leader of the world revolution who has devoted all his life for the cause of national reunification and independence of mankind.
Great leader Comrade Kim Jong Il is alive in the hearts of our people and the world progressive people as a peerless patriot, a great revolutionary and a benevolent father of people who has devoted his all just for the country, the revolution and the people.
The revolutionary cause of great leader Comrade Kim Jong Il has been inherited and pushed forward by Comrade Kim Jong Un, respected Supreme Leader of our party, state and army. On the occasion of the Day of Shining Star, a lot of political and cultural events are on stage worldwide, which include organizing of preparation committee for celebrating the day, loading of praises on the internet homepages, congratulatory meetings, symposiums, film shows, etc.
We hope that your trade unions will join our people and Korean workers in celebrating the Day of Shining Star by arranging various political and cultural events in your country.
With greetings of solidarity,

Central Committee
General Federation of Trade Unions of Korea

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