Friday, April 20, 2018

Congratulations to President Diaz Canel

The National Network On Cuba congratulates the people of Cuba on the just concluded electoral process.  We offer warm greetings of solidarity to the new President, Miguel Díaz-Canel, and to the returning and newly elected members of the National Assembly and Council of State.  We also join the Cuban people and many people throughout the world in recognizing and thanking Fidel and Raúl Castro for their struggle, leadership, and inspiration that has enabled many to truly experience that another world; a more just and dignified world, is possible.  We again thank the Cuban people and their government for providing education, health care, and solidarity to the peoples of the world and to do so as their duty to humanity.

We take these examples and values as lessons to us as we pledge to continuing working in the United States to end the economic, commercial, and financial blockade of Cuba and for the respect of Cuban sovereignty.

As the next generation assumes leadership, we are confident that they will uphold the dignity and principles of the Revolution as they have demonstrated throughout their years of service to Cuba. In the face of the challenges facing the world from Latin America to the Middle East, we express our confidence in your leadership and again send our solidarity.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

TO: All National and International Trade Unions Organizations

PyongyangApril 10, 2018

On the significant occasion of the 106th birthday (Day of the Sun - April 15, 1912) of the  President Kim Il Sungall the Koreanpeople and workers have looked back upon his life and immortal services rendered to the times and history most humblyupholdingthe banner of independence for his whole life.
Having embarked on the road of struggle for the country and people in his early teens, he authored the Juche idea, the gist of which is that the masses of the people are the masters and the driving force of the revolution and construction; in other words, it means that man is the master of his own destiny and has the strength with which to carve out his destiny.
Since then the Korean revolution has vigorously advanced along the road of independence. 
In the period of the armed struggle to liberate Korea from the Japanese military occupation, he ensured that the guerrillas kept the strong conviction that they should fight the Japanese by making themselves weapons and grenades instead of looking forward to aids from others.
The guerrillas waged the arduous armed struggle for over 15 ears, holding high the slogan of winning back the country by themselves, and achieved the countrys liberation.
After liberation he made sure that Korea took the road of Korean-style democracy, not adopting other countries styles, and vigorously led the struggle to reunify the country divided by foreign forces.
In the grim days of the Korean War (1950-1953) to repel the aggression of the United States he ensured that the service personnel of the Korean Peoples Army employed unique tactical methods such as building tunnels and bringing direct-firing guns up to the heights, thus winning victory in the war.
After the war he put forward a unique line of economic construction to give priority to the development of heavy industry and simultaneously develop light industry and agriculture, and led his people to get rid of flunkeyism and dogmatism and take the road of independence.
When other socialist countries persistently forced Korea to join the CEMA, insisting on the integrated economy within them, he never vacillated in the slightest nor deviated an iota from the line of building the independent national economy.
In the mid-1990s the trend of reform and openness was sweeping the socialist countries, but he firmly maintained the independent stand and held up higher the red flag, thus defending the socialist system of Korea reliably even though others abandoned socialism.
Kim Il Sung paid great attention to realize the cause of making the world independent throughout his life.
He gave clear answers to the matters of principle arising in realizing the cause of global independence such as those on maintaining independence in the struggle for peace and fighting against the imperialist forces of aggression with the united efforts of all the peace-loving forces of the world, and on struggling while uniting and vice versa and he assisted heart and soul other countries in accomplishing their cause of anti-imperialist independence.

He also gave energetic and disinterested support and aid to the peoples of Angola, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, and Namibia in their struggle against colonialism and racism, the Latin American peoples struggle against the US imperialists and pro-US dictatorship, Arabians struggle against the US imperialists and Israeli Zionists, as well as the Cuban, Vietnamese, Laotian and Cambodian peoples' struggle against the aggression of the US imperialists, thus greatly inspiring them to bring about historic victories.

The banner of independence upheld by President Kim Il Sung is a great power of strength and encouragement to the Korean people who are achieving eye-opening successes in the socialist construction with a firm stand of independence and also to the progressive peoples of the world who are struggling for the realization of global independence.

This banner of independence upheld by President Kim Il Sung throughout his whole life has been brilliant as a unique Songun politics by Leader Kim Jong Il and today it has been firmly taken over by the respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un.

Moreover, today when moves of the imperialist forces of aggression who are attempting to wreck global peace and security and make mankind suffer a nuclear holocaust have been more severe, all the Korean workers and people keenly sense in their hearts that the banner of independence is an ever-victorious banner and immortal one to safeguard our supreme dignity and sovereignty of the country and accomplish the cause of anti-imperialist independent.

Rallied around the respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un, we shall advance forward vigorously for ultimate victory of building a socialist powerful nation, upholding the banner of independence more aloft.

 On the occasion of Day of the Sun, various political and cultural events including the 31st April Spring Friendship Art Festival which involves artists and art troupes all over the world and across the country, and the 20th Kimilsungia (Kim Il Sung Flower) Festival are staged in our country. Also in many other countries, too, the preparatory committees for celebrating the birth anniversary of Comrade Kim Il Sung organized and grandiose events such as seminars, photo exhibition and film shows are being held in order to celebrate the Day of the Sun as a common holiday of progressive humankind.

We hope you to celebrate the meaningful Day of the Sun with Korean people and workers together.
Central Committee
General Federation of Trade Unions of Korea