Sunday, October 28, 2018


The Party of Communists USA denounces in the most vociferous terms the sham election results in Brazil where the U.S. backed and financed fascist candidate Jair Bolsonaro has been declared the winner. This does not bode well for the Brazilian working class.

PCUSA calls for the complete embargo of military aid to Brazil, which has yet to prove that human rights will be respected under the new military-style regime. Brazil only emerged 33 years ago from a right-wing military dictatorship. Bolsonaro comes from the military and has openly called for returning Brazil to military rule. Unions and the left in Brazil face a potentially grim situation now that Bolsonaro has won, since he calls for repression against trade unionists and leftists as well as promoting attacks on Black people, LGBTQ people and women.

In a Fightback News exclusive interview with Luiza Bezerra, the Young Workers Secretary of the Brazilian Workers Central (CTB), a militant union federation in Brazil with 9 million members, Bezerra gives her analysis on the rise of Bolsonaro, what the unions are doing to respond, and the role of U.S. imperialism in these developments.
“Bolsonaro has been a right-wing deputy for 28 years. He has long advocated the return of the military dictatorship and makes scary claims about torture, defending it,” Bezerra said. “He has clearly misogynistic, homophobic and racist attitudes. Today he is in first place in the campaign for the presidency of the country, with a discourse centered on God (although the Brazilian state is secular) and on an anti-PT feeling [PT is the ‘Partido dos Trabalhadores’ in Portuguese, or ‘Workers Party’ in English]. The feeling is of extermination of the adversary and not more of a healthy and democratic debate. There are several cases of violence on the part of Bolsonaro voters against those who disagree with their ideas: we have five confirmed deaths and several beatings. With speeches similar to that of the military dictatorship (or even Hitler) against communism and minorities, his possible election calls into question the very recent Brazilian democracy.
We call upon the U.S. trade union movement and all democratic forces to resist attempts by the United States to aid the military dictatorship in Brazil. We must stand united at all times with our Brazilian comrades in arms. We must build solidarity with the Brazilian trade union federations, CTB and UST and encourage all anti-fascist forces to work together to restore democratic rule. Nós vamos vencer! Sim, nós podemos!

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