Wednesday, March 27, 2019

CP of Greece, 20 years after the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia-The KKE continues the struggle against imperialist designs and organizations

These days mark 20 years since the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia and two months since the  ratification of the Prespa agreement by the Greek Parliament. Two different events; a war, which led to the death of more than 3.5 thousand people (of which 75% were civilians, among them 400 children) and on the other hand, a "peaceful" -  as it is being presented to us -  transnational agreement. Yet, these two events are closely connected via a powerful link: the designs of the  imperialist organization NATO. A criminal organization that can design and implement military coups, bombings of countries, dismemberment of states, bombings of civilians, and poisoning of the land with depleted uranium bombs, along with other crimes against the peoples, and at the same time be a ...' peacemaker'.
NATO manages to play the role of "peacemaker" and to promote it, on the one hand with  its weapons systems, its military power, such as in the case of Yugoslavia in 1999, completely dismissing "International Law" and the UN Security Council, or in Libya in 2011 (this time gaining the UN Security Council's approval), while on the other hand, by promoting transnational agreements, such as that of Prespa, which bears its seal. 
As was the case in the wars in Yugoslavia and  Libya, in Syria Greece's participation in NATO is being utilized, with the concession of American-NATO bases, which serve as a war operations base, just as the Prespa agreement has become a "springboard" for the promotion of the same interests.
The KKE in 1999 led the way in the struggle of the Greek people against the imperialist intervention in Yugoslavia, and today is also struggling steadfastly against the Prespa Agreement, which bears the NATO “stamp” on it, as well as the transformation of our country by the "left" government SYRIZA into an immense US-NATO military base.
A voting criterion is the lashing of our country onto the NATO military chariot
During the proceedings of the Conference of the Communist Party Organization of Attica of the  KKE, the GS of the CC of the KKE, Dimitris Koutsoumpas spoke, noting among other points:
"A serious matter, which should  be a key criterion for voting, is the fact that this government, with the agreement of all other parties, is lashing the country more and more tightly onto NATO's military chariot. It is constantly signing new military and economic agreements with the USA, giving the military industry billions of euros each year, while at the same time criminal cuts are being made to education, health, welfare, social needs.
A new provocation is the joint plan of the government and the USA, according to a report by the US Department of State, to finance the mass media and the NGOs, aiming at changing the anti-American - anti-NATO climate in Greece. This campaign is already in progress. Yet, no matter how many propaganda mechanisms they enlist, whatever 'laundering' they engage in, whatever fraudulent dividing lines they can devise, it will not whitewash the USA, NATO, the EU.
The people should not provide an alibi either for SYRIZA, nor to the various lapses of the PASOK and ND governments that served EU policy and which SYRIZA today 'pulls out of the dustbins of history' to create some supposedly 'progressive' fronts.
We must not forget the crime against Yugoslavia, which today marks 20 years since then. This crime was organized and carried out by the very same people who inspired and directed the Prespa agreement, in order to strengthen their presence in the region, to divide the peoples, to build protectorate states. Because many years have not passed and since Greece is a small country, we recall that many of those who are today in the "progressive" masses of SYRIZA were at that time leading the legitimisation of the war and facilitation that the then  Simitis government PASOK was providing.
Likewise, we remember that at that time the social-democratic parties were ruling in most EU countries and they led the way in the bombing. This is because the EU was, is and will always be a predatory alliance at the expense of the peoples, as it has war, exploitation, anti-communism, and nationalism in its DNA.
As for those who try to convince us that all this is supposedly a departure from the humanitarian values of the EU, as SYRIZA does; not only are they ignorant of history, but they are also conscious fraudsters.”