Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Sudanese CP, Million Strong March Demand Immediate Civilian Rule

26 April 2019
- Tens of thousands of protesters filled the streets of Khartoum demanding an end to military rule. Among them many had travelled from across the country to take part in the march for civilian rule.
- For the first time a group of Judges, over a hundred, in their official black robes participated in the march, demanding the return to civilian rule and an independent judiciary.
- The massive march was called by the Freedom and Change Alliance, after forcing the resignation of three controversial figures from the ruling Military Transitional Council (MTC). A fourth controversial figure is remaining in the MTC; the deputy leader Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, the commander of the Janjaweed militia who are accused of genocide during the Darfour civil war which began in 2003.The four generals are known as staunch supporters of the ousted Albashir and have strong links with the Muslim Brotherhood movement.
- The Political Bureau of the Sudanese Communist Party issued a statement on Thursday 25th April stressing that the MTC is manoeuvring to stay in power and refusing to comply with the main demand of the people: POWER to the representatives of the people. Furthermore, the statement called for immediate civilian government, accountability and retribution. It called on all party members and opposition forces to redouble their efforts and increase their united actions to defeat the manoeuvres and conspiracies of the internal, regional and international enemies of the Sudanese revolution.
- While the million-plus demonstrators occupied the square at the army HQ, several hundreds of protesters demonstrated in front of the Egyptian Embassy against the meddling of the Egypt government in the internal affairs of the country. This action took place after Cairo hosted a meeting of some of the African Union leaders who gave the MTC three months to return civilian rule.
- The enormous rally was organized by the umbrella group: Freedom and Change Alliance.
Secretariat of the Central Committee
Sudanese CP
26 April 2019

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Tell Congress to Protect Music & Artists from "Big Radio"

Dear Music Fans,
Music services like Spotify, SiriusXM, Pandora and Apple Music pay music creators for their work, yet there is exactly one music platform in the U.S. (actually, in the entire developed world) where the principle of fair pay for one’s work does not apply: broadcast radio.
Rather than changing with the times, Big Radio is doing everything they can to protect their competitive advantage and avoid paying music creators for their creative property the same way digital and streaming services do.
It's no wonder Big Radio is engaged in an all-out effort to get Members of Congress to sign onto the misnamed Local Radio Freedom Act (LRFA). Big Radio and their lobbyists in Washington are trying to get lawmakers to sign onto their bogus resolution in an attempt to block Congress from passing legislation that would allow music creators to be paid for their work in the future.
It’s time to prioritize hardworking music creators over big corporate interests.
Many Members of Congress have already added their names to this damaging resolution and need to hear from you, their constituents, so they can understand your disappointment. We would also appreciate it if you reached out to the Members who are supporting artists by not adding their name to LRFA.
The musicFIRST Coalition