Friday, May 3, 2019

AKEL denounces the new coup d’état attempt and foreign interventions in Venezuela

AKEL C.C. Press Office, 2 May 2019, Nicosia
AKEL denounces the attempt of the ultra-right to execute a coup d’état by extreme-right forces and the domestic oligarchy in Venezuela. This putchist action is once again directed against democracy, the country itself and its people.
The self-proclaimed “president” and the far-right forces, with the full support of the US government and the reactionary governments of the “Lima Group” countries, once again tried to provoke a civil conflict, seeking to create the conditions for an external military intervention. Despite the repeated appeals issued by of both Guaido and leading US officials Bolton-Pompeo-Rubio urging the armed forces to rise up against the elected President Maduro, they did not achieve their goal judging by the result.
This new illegal action is a continuation of a wider plan for interventions in Venezuela. It was preceded by the provocation of the sabotage of Venezuela’s electricity system, as well as the illegal economic, trade and financial sanctions that have been imposed by the US against Venezuela. The aim is the reversal of all that the country has achieved over the past 20 years for the benefit of the people so that Venezuela will pass under the control of the US, together with the control of the worlds biggest confirmed oil sources.
Furthermore, we cannot but also denounce the statements issued by the outgoing President of the European Parliament calling on the country’s armed forces to take the side of the self-proclaimed “president” as an intervention in the internal affairs of Venezuela.
The Government of the Republic of Cyprus must not under any circumstances align itself with the forces that recognize and support this illegality. Instead, it must act within the framework of the principle of non-interference in the internal affairs of states, in accordance with International Law and the UN Charter.
We express our all-around solidarity with the people of Venezuela, the Communist Party of Venezuela and the forces that are fighting to defend the Bolivarian Revolution and the sovereignty and territorial integrity of their country.

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